The Definition of Theory of Knowledge.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on The Definition of Theory of Knowledge. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. Knowledge is of two types. One is explicit knowledge, which one can express through words, numbers, data, scientific formulae, manuals, universal principles, laws, and many more. One can easily transfer this knowledge to others through systematic and sometimes unsystematic ways. This kind of knowledge is usually dominant in the western part of the world. however, from the Japanese point of view, this is just the tip of an iceberg. This means knowledge is tacit and one cannot easily understand or express it (Lamberts & Shanks, pp. 171-182).

Tacit knowledge is very personal and it is very hard to express. One cannot share it easily with others unless one uses some special methods of expressing it. Tacit knowledge consists of “subjective insights, intuitions, and hunches” (David & Theresa, pp. 1435-1451). This knowledge has its roots in an individual’s actions and experiences. It also has strong roots in an individual’s ideas, emotions, and values. Categories are also there in tacit knowledge. one is the technical dimension, which refers to informal and ambiguous skills, which the individuals have. For example, a great chef has earned a lot of money with his expertise on fingertips. Some architects make very memorable and historical buildings, some musicians compose tunes that stay in our hearts forever. Some painters make phenomenal paintings and some make great monuments. However, they find it difficult to articulate scientific or technical principles behind their know-how of a certain talent. This is because of extremely subjective and personal instincts, sixth sense, and inspirations formed because of bodily experiences. They are able to do phenomenal jobs but they cannot tell the reason behind this and cannot express them in words, symbols, data, or any kind of formulae (David & Theresa, pp. 1435-1451).

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