The Bribery Act and Its Relevancy to the Construction Industry.

I will pay for the following article The Bribery Act and Its Relevancy to the Construction Industry. The work is to be 9 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Since receiving Royal Assent in 2010, the Bribery Act became completely enforceable under the law in July 2011. The Bribery Act is intended to be a more relevant and functional framework for combating bribery in both the public and private sectors. Up until 2011, the UK government had been eliciting justice under very old laws related to bribery and corruption, including The Prevention of Corruption Acts of 1889 through 1916. Since the days of these old acts, the structure of the business, and the prevalence of corruption and bribery required a new focus to ensure businesses and their stakeholders conduct practices in an equitable and honest manner. The Bribery Act was written with language to clearly outline what constitutes an offense related to bribery and to serve as a clear deterrent for utilizing bribery for the promise of some advantage.

There are four main points to the Bribery Act. The Act spells out the offense of bribing another, which includes giving a financial reward to another for the pursuit of receipt of advantage or making promises of a similar exchange for the same purpose ( 2010). Concurrently, the law identifying bribery of another individual also allows for potential prosecution for a party who, if given or giving the advantage to another, realizes that acceptance of this advantage would “constitute improper performance” of an activity ( 2010, p.3). The purpose of this Act was to repeal all other existing bribery laws (most of which were outdated and no longer relevant) while making it absolutely unambiguous about what constitutes bribery offenses to avoid utilizing language as a potential defense in the court system.

The Bribery Act also spells out what constitutes an offense as it pertains to bribing a foreign official. The Bribery Act clearly defines what represents a foreign official, in this case including any foreign individual who maintains a legislative, judicial, or administrative position outside of the UK.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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