The Behavioral Effectiveness and Long Term Effects of Spanking

Need help with my writing homework on The Behavioral Effectiveness and Long Term Effects of Spanking. Write a 1500 word paper answering; Polishing the children behavior and making them realize their mistakes is the duty of parents. Do parents punish their children on the mistakes they do but should spanking be done as a punishment to make them realize their mistakes?

In Times magazine the article was published about the long-term effects of spanking. It stated that although spanking and physical punishments can help to make a child’s behavior in control for time being. it has very negative effects on a child’s behavioral development. The research published by Tulane University Pediatrics came up with. The long-term evidence that the short-term result of spanking might make the child act like the way their parents want them to behave and show them a tamed behavior but it brings out many emotional conflicts later in a child. The study showed that 2,500 kids who were spanked very often at the age of 3 were more likely to be aggressive at age 5. (Alice Park – Times, 2010)

According to AAP parents should adopt counseling their children rather than corporal punishments. Corporal punishments such as spanking might control the behavior of child for time being and reduce the frustration of parents, but the prolonged punishment of spanking brings out many emotional and behavioral conflicts in children. Spanking is considered to be the least successful way of dealing with children toward discipline. (Benatar, 2001 )

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In the survey of AAP, different views were seen. About one half of the sample opposed the physical punishments by parents but said that under certain situations rare spanking can be an effective form of discipline. One-third of pediatricians completely opposed corporal punishment under any situations whereas 14 percent supported limited spanking as a method to instill discipline.&nbsp.

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