the analytical framework for analyzing disaster.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the analytical framework for analyzing disaster. Some classifications include. natural disaster, socio-natural disaster, anthropogenic disaster, biological disaster, physical disaster, mechanical disaster and psychological disaster. This paper however seeks to discuss: the pre-existing situation in the disaster areas, the characteristics of the disaster, the efforts made by the government and non-government organizations to facilitate disaster recovery, and the attitudes of the local community and their relationships with the government.

Up to the early 1970s, the actions of the disaster professionals were generally limited to the aftermath of disaster and disaster responses. They never looked at efforts or activities in disaster-prone areas that could limit the possibility of a disaster occurring in such places. However, the disaster strategies changed following the 1985 earthquake in Mexico. The general assembly of the United Nations launched the international decade of natural disaster reduction with the aim of implementing the mitigation programs of disaster. The pre-existing situations in the disaster areas are characterized by fundamental aspects of disaster management, i.e. disaster preparedness, disaster mitigation and disaster response.

The fundamental aspects of disaster management should be implemented in the regions prone to disaster or with the probability of a disaster occurring. The pre-existing situation should therefore encompass disaster mitigation strategies, the efforts that are designed to lessen or prevent the impact of the agents of disaster. These efforts are referred to as countermeasures and include things like disaster awareness, education, insurance and building codes. Another pre-existing situation in a disaster-prone area is the disaster preparedness strategies. These are plans of action to be undertaken if the disaster occurs. They include obtaining emergency supplies, establishing emergency operation centers, and developing warning,&nbsp.evacuation and logistic procedures.

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