Telecommunications Workers and 20th Century US Labor History Course.

Write 6 pages with APA style on Telecommunications Workers and 20th Century US Labor History Course. Steve was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs as an infant and was named Steven Paul Jobs. His foster dad, Paul, was a machinist and Coast Guard veteran and Clara was an accountant. Their home was in the Mountain View inside the Silicon Valley of California. As a boy, Steve had an interest in electronics as he and his dad would work on electronic products in their garage. Paul Jobs showed Steve how to reconstruct and take part in electronics, a hobby that grew to create persistence, confidence and mechanical powers and desire to achieve in Steve as a kid (Isaacson, 2011).

Steve Jobs was always a clever man with inventive thinking, but his youth was enigmatic by formal schooling. In the elementary school, the teacher bribed him into studying because he was a prankster. Steve Jobs was an intelligent student and administrators wanted him to skip middle school and head to high school but his parents declined this proposal. In high school, most of Steve’s free time was spent at Hewlett-Packard. At HP, his friendship grew with Steve Wozniak, his computer assistance and teacher. Wozniak was an excellent computer engineer and so he and Steve became close friends (Isaacson, 2011).

After Steve got done with high school, he went to Reed College situated in Portland, Oregon. Steve did not have the right direction to go on and lacked interest in college. Within the next six months, he was out of college and within the next eighteen months, he kept dropping all the creative classes. In a later interview, Jobs recalled that there was a course in calligraphy which increased his interest in typography. Steve became a video game designer in 1974 as he began working with Atari. After several months, he got out of Atari and went to search for spiritual enlightenment in India. He traveled the whole continent and experimented with several psychedelic drugs.&nbsp.

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