t. intercultural communication practices of china-us comparison and contrast

I need some assistance with these assignment. intercultural communication practices of china-us comparison and contrast Thank you in advance for the help! es that faces such institutions and organizations is the ever-increasing cultural diversity of the workforce, as well as increasing the number of prospective clientele with varying cultural backgrounds. Cultural nuances, language barriers, as well as value divergence can easily result in unintended misconceptions, misunderstanding, and low efficacy in communication, particularly, in a multinational environment. Intercultural communication also referred to as cross-cultural communication, therefore, acts as a lubricant that reduces frictions, helps resolve disputes and conflicts, and improves work efficiency. It also acts a coagulant, enhancing teamwork collaboration, integrating collective strength and wisdom, and uniting multiple cultures between ethnicity and race, resulting in a desirable virtuous circle of the interaction effect. This paper compares and contrasts the cross-cultural communication business practices of China and the US. It identifies three aspects of culture that makeup people’s understanding between one another in a business setting, particularly, non-language and language code, cultural beliefs and values, and cultural preconceptions and stereotypes.

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