submit a term paper on Philosophy Token vs. Dualism or New Theory.

ou will prepare and submit a term paper on Philosophy Token vs. Dualism or New Theory. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length. In recognition of the mental states in relation to the brain, the Token Theory of mind upholds the analogy of realizations and supposes that the individual thought is identical with the individual brain state in which it corresponds. This philosophy reasoned that if mental states is a cacophony of thought processes then most likely it is identical to the internal state of the brain. In simplified terms. it is interaction of mind and body and the interaction of physical processes in the brain and parts of the body via the nervous system and there is nothing more than physical in the way it functions. Smart (1956) said that the mental state’s ‘desire for a cup of coffee’ would thus be nothing more than the “firing of certain neurons in certain brain regions”. The mental phenomenon is then equated with the processes of the brain and is actually considered as the fundamental features of the brain. A heavy challenge under this theory would fall under the category of need. The explanation seems to relay the idea that humans regardless of affiliation feel hunger and hunger is identical to a certain brain state. Each mental state is said to be identical to an individual brain state without any categorization.

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