submit a term paper on Culture and History of Puerto Rico

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Culture and History of Puerto Rico. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. The Taino culture was developed in Puerto Rico. Till September 25, 1493, there were 30 to 60thousands Taino people were living in there. They named the island ‘Boriken’ and the impact of their culture is present in the Puerto Rico of that time like the musical instruments they use as maracas. Christopher Columbus, who left his country in order to search for a new world, dropped anchor on the coast, named as San Juan Bautista on November 19, 1493. The first colony made in this area was ‘Caparra’ instituted on August 8, 1508, and the second colony was instituted in 1511 named as ‘San German’ but later on this name was changed to ‘Puerto Rico’. In these colonies, outsider subjugated the Taino people (Pico, 2005).

But later on,&nbsp.Burgo’s Laws came forth from Ferdinand II against the punishment given to the Taino people on the issues like pays and work hours. In these bitter conditions, the Tainos rebelled against the outsider’s Spanish people, but this hindrance was easily pulverized by the Spanish soldiers. After this many of the Tainos destroyed because of the severe violence committed by the Spanish soldiers and many of the Tainos carried out suicides. Pope Julius II made bishoprics that were under his authority, one was established in Puerto Rico and other two in the Hispaniola. In this era, many African slaves were carried there, and one reason is that no there was no more Tainos to do labor job. During this time period, Carib tribe made two assaults on the Spanish soldiers, one in 1514 and the other in 1521 on the coasts Daguao and Macao but both times they were defeated by the Spanish Soldiers (Pico, 2005).&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.

European authorities when actualizing the power and wealth of this chain of islands, and then they made many assays to snatch this area from the Spanish forces. The attacks were continued during the 16th, 17th and 18th century and in the end, it becomes impossible for the Spanish soldiers to gain their full control over the captured areas. During this time period life on Puerto Rico is totally disturbed and there were indescribable losses.

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