Need help with my writing homework on Studies Assignment. Write a 1000 word paper answering; Nazareth Hospital offers services that are average as compared to the required standards while Clinix goes the full mile to ensure that they offer the best. Clinix has immense fixed assets meaning that their departments have up to date equipment while Nazareth relies on the old equipments, but still manage to deliver their services with lesser efficiency. The investments that Clinix has made have attracted immense revenues for the hospital in a period less than three years because the institution undertook its upgrade process during that time. On the other hand, Nazareth offers its services at an affordable cost to those that seek its services hence making the institution to attract a certain percentage of the market. Despite their services not being in line with the advanced technologies, their delivery is still efficient hence attracting those that do not have much to spare when accessing treatment. In contrast, Clinix has invested in hospital staffs that have technology application skills that are in line with the advancement in the medical field. Questions 1. What can Nazareth hospital do in order to enhance service delivery without attracting immense operational costs? 2. How can Clinix incorporate the market population that cannot afford its services to its delivery structure? 3. In what ways can both Clinix and Nazareth hospitals harmonize their operations in order to remain relevant to their targeted market? Topic 2 Developing and monitoring the budget This is a case study for two principle hospitals namely London Care and Angels of Mercy, which operate within a relatively similar geographical scope. Both of these hospitals are the largest referral hospitals because of their ability and capacity to attend to many patients at the same time. However, the difference that the two hospitals have is in terms of the non-treatment care that the two hospitals give to their clients. In essence, London Care is a public clinic while Angels of Mercy is a clinic whose ownership is private meaning that the two have different levels of funding. This trickles down to the budgetary allocation for the two organizations, where one is renewable while the other is subject to procedure. London Care cannot afford to treat patients with the standards they would want because their budgetary allocation does not allow patients to be comfortable while receiving treatment. In contrast, the budgetary allocation for Angels of Mercy allows for the treatment of clients with comfort as an after service in order to attract them in the future. However, this does not mean that London Care does not execute its nursing duties within ethical practice it is only that their concern is not on the way that one would expect to be treated while still at the hospital. Questions i. Should London Care lobby for more funding from the British government or should it charge more in order for their service delivery to be effective? ii. What ways can Angels of Mercy use in order to retain its reputation in the medical market? iii. Should the budgetary allocation be subject to review over time or should these hospitals make the best of what they have? Topic 3: Human Resource Management In this case study, the comparison will be between Fabian and Ethan, who are both human resource managers at TechSoftwares and Apex Computer companies respectively.

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