strategies to counter global terrorism attacks.

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Further, more states are engaging in state terrorism, a situation termed illegal by the international bodies aiming to combat terror. Cognizant of the situation, both internal and external states are inclusive in the war against state terrorism. Therefore, effective state-counterterrorism should entail associations between the society and governments to ensure state compliance with terrorism regulations. Firstly, achieving the situation entails thorough mobilization and meetings between the residents and stakeholders. Secondly, it involves training the individuals on how to recognize potential terrorists among themselves. Finally, the state needs to avail enough resources to combat terrorism.

Seemingly, in the US, efforts have been diverted since the 9/11 attacks on Pentagon, and the Capitol Building in Washington, DC. Further, attacks to the World’s Trade Center Complex Towers in New York caused havoc during the wee hours of September 11. The September 11 attacks indicated sophistication, excellent coordination and aimed at the firmness of USA economy, military, and political fame. Since then, deadly attacks have followed in various states such as Mumbai in China, Beslan, and Bali in Indonesia, not forgetting Madrid, London, and Moscow in Russia. Those groups that relied on terrorism have possibly faced elimination, but new groups are emerging posting a new threat to the target states. The world still suffers severe terrorist attacks more than a decade after the 9/11 attacks in the US (Lutz and Brenda 1).

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