strategic report to address legal implications in an organization

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As a 21st century educational professional, you will often face the challenges of a highly litigious and well-regulated society. To successfully lead your organization through these challenges, you must do more than simply acknowledge or respond to legal issues. You will be expected to collaborate with the education community and engage in strategic planning to mitigate risks and prepare for future issues that could impact your discipline or organization. This assignment will challenge you to identify one such issue and to develop a strategic report that addresses various factors related to the expanding legal issue.




Note: Your goal with this assignment is not to predict future legal trends. However, you should be able to identify current legal issues in your discipline that have the potential to advance in scope and scale in the years to come.




Identify a contemporary issue in education with substantial legal implications that you expect to advance in both scope and scale within the next 3-5 years.




Develop a 1,750- to 2,100-word strategic report to address the legal implications of the selected issue on your organization or discipline. Your report must include the following sections:


I. Introduction


II. Issue Description


Describe the current issue, its origins, and relevant context.

III. Impact Analysis


Analyze the issue’s potential impact on your organization or discipline.

IV. Legal Analysis


Analyze the issue’s current legal implications on the educational entity, its staff, and/or its learners.

V. Strategic Recommendations


Propose a minimum of 2 strategic recommendations, supported by empirical, peer-reviewed evidence, to help mitigate the negative educational impact of the contemporary issue on your organization or discipline.

Evaluate the potential implementation challenges and propose strategies for managing those challenges.

Analyze the ability of the strategic recommendations to reduce the potential liability of the institution and its constituents.

VI. Conclusion




Note: You may use your work from Weeks 1, 2 and 4 to complete this assignment. Be sure to incorporate any faculty feedback you received.




Support the contents of your report with a minimum of 10 empirical, peer-reviewed sources.




Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.




Submit your assignment.

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