statistics for managers individual work

Need an research paper on statistics for managers individual work wk3. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. Running header: Statistics for managers Paper It is axiomatic to argue that the art of conducting research has always been an intriguing idea that has spurred innovation and controversy for centuries. To imperatively discuss the stated questions, it is crucial and prime to digest, conceptualize and internalize the dichotomy in the unembellished key word ‘research’, which is delineated as a detailed examination of a phenomenon to corroborate novel facts. When a study is being conducted, both continuous and discrete variables are very important in justifying phenomena. Organizations need both continuous and discrete random variables to conduct comprehensive analysis. For instance, an automobile industry can analyze the likelihood of a parts failure in an automobile. Discrete random variable is delineated as a variable in which all the outcomes cannot be broken into smaller measurements and are also mutually exclusive. It exists on either infinitely or finitely countable continuum. Continuous random variable is delineated as infinitely unaccountable probability space. Despite the fact that each event is peculiar, it is not possible to measure the probability of a single event given that it can be further divided into smaller parts. (Lind, & Mason, 2000)


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