social learning theory and media effect

I need some assistance with these assignment. social learning theory and media effect Thank you in advance for the help! Media has its charm. It captivates the imagination like a drug and takes the person into a whole new world. Who wouldn’t want to leave their boring life and see what a celebrity is cooking, or how 3D tattoos are mad? Video games are more engaging than TV or movies. The interactive world of games sucks the imagination into the virtual world. One can slay dragons or save the Pearl Harbor in a video game. The emotions they trigger in a person are real. Research on TV and movie violence suggests that violent video games increase aggressive behavior (Anderson & Bushman, 2001). The games bring out the repressed aggression in the player, at least momentarily.

The argument that videogames let out repressed emotions is valid. Every individual horde repressed feelings. Parents want more control over their children and “voice discouragement” because the children won’t listen (Bandura, 1971). While the children want to be free from their control and do what they feel like. In universities, one department usually complains about the undue power and authority that the other constituencies enjoy while they feel the discomfort of powerlessness. The same is true in government and politics. Media plays on these insecurities. It captures these emotions and plays fantasies where people vicariously live out those feelings. Video games take this to a whole new level. They also give the players control. The level of involvement in the play increases manifolds when compared to a movie.

Videogames can be used to inspire people, to persuade them to join a cause. The companies and the institutes are aware of the power of videogames, which is why the US government distributes the videogame called America’s Army over the Internet and through its office (Anderson, Gentile & Buckley, 2007). There is no doubt that the media effect for the social learning theory is evident from the way videogames are manufactured and played. If they capture certain human emotions and the gameplay is based on punishment and reward, then there is no doubt that the media effect induces certain behaviors. The reward for being aggressive in a videogame is some virtual coins or a moral victory of conquering the enemy. And the punishment for not being violent or destructive is the death of the character.

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