Social and Political Contribution of Cuban Americans.

Write 6 pages with APA style on Social and Political Contribution of Cuban Americans. Miami in Florida has about eight hundred and fifty thousand Cuban Americans, representing the most populous Cuban American community in the entire nation. This fact is attributed to Cuba’s closeness to Miami. Other areas inhabited by the Cuban American populations include Tampa Bay, New Jersey, and New York. Union City in the New York metropolitan area has the largest Cuban community outside Florida with a population of about one hundred and fifty thousand (Lastra 37). Many Cuban Americans have been assimilated into the American cultures, and have exerted sufficient influence on Americans’ lives in all the 50 states. The massive immigrants constitute mainly anti-Castro refugees who fled to the United States to seek asylum. The Cuban Americans are well assimilated in the United States. Due to the large population of Cuban Americans, they have had a significant political influence. In 1993, the Cuban American national foundation lobbied against and successfully prevented the Clinton administration from appointing an undersecretary of state for Latin America’s affairs. During elections, Cuban Americans are well represented because almost all adults register for voting. They, therefore, influence governance and policies structured for government operations in America. In 1989, about seventy-nine percent of Cuban Americans had registered to vote compared to seventy-seven percent of non-Hispanic white Americans. 67 percent of Cuban Americans were reported to have voted during the elections. This is as compared to 49 percent of Mexican Americans, 61 percent of Anglo Americans and 50 percent of Puerto Ricans (Bogardus 67).

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