Share your reaction to at least one selection you read this week. Also, briefly

Share your reaction to at least one selection you read this week. Also, briefly discuss the film you chose to discuss on Appalachian experience and any insights gained. You might address one or more questions below in your response.

About the Appalachian Region

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• How does the environment shape the childhood of characters?
• What importance does the landscape have? What impact does it have on the
children especially?
• How would you compare the families and their situations?
• How would you describe the mood or tone in the stories?
• What do you think Still, hooks, Chappell and/or Giardina are trying to convey about
children growing up in the mountains? What do you imagine their lives to be
• What do the authors say about coming of age during difficult times?
Film Choice:
How are the people and culture of Appalachia portrayed in the film? Is it a realistic depiction or a depiction based more on stereotypes?
What traditions, values, and attitudes are portrayed in the film? Are these positive or negative influences?
What issues affect children and families in the film? How do they handle these issues? What resources do they have or not have?
What commonalities do you find with other films and readings you have completed for this course? What differences do you find? Does growing up or living in one part of the South vs. another area (such as Appalachia) create a different experience for individuals?
Criteria Elements
General Quality Fully addresses the question(s) and stimulates substantial follow-up postings
Critical Thinking Rich in content; full of thought, insight, and analysis
Timeliness Posts in time for other students to read and respond to
Stylistics Few grammatical or stylistic errors

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