Role of Social Contract in Western Political Theory.

Need help with my writing homework on Role of Social Contract in Western Political Theory. Write a 250 word paper answering; Proposal Plan for the Essay on the Role of Social Contract in Western Political Theory Affiliation Essay Question The question for the essay plan will be: What is the role of the social contract in western political theory? An introduction to contextualize the question Social contract or, as it is sometimes referred to, political contract is an intellectual approach designed to elaborate the relationship between individuals in the society and the government (Rousseau, 2004, p. 8). The concept of social contract asserts that people come together to form political societies through a mutual understanding which is governed by a set of norms and rules in order to protect themselves from violence, as well as others from harm posed by each other in the society (Huttegger & Smead, 2011, p. 17). A social contract is an intellectual device that is designed with the intention to explain how an appropriate relationship between individuals and their governments should be set. The argument behind a social contract states that the people in society unite into political societies through a process of mutual agreement. The individuals agree to abide by common some norms, as well as accept duties, in order to protect themselves from violence which might cause harm to anyone in the society. Historically, social contract theory has had a considerable role in the emergence of the idea that any political authority must be gotten from the consent of the governed. Aims and Objectives The main aim for this essay paper is to address the question of what are the roles of social contract in western political theory. The objective of this essay paper is to list each role of a social contract and give an in depth explanation as to what its role is in relation to the western theory of politics. The objectives of this essay paper will include looking at the social contract and the impact it has on the government. A look at how the social contract theory argued the four key points. In addition, narrow down on the key points which are to serve the will of the people, that people were the only source of government power, that the people were free to withhold power of the government, but also had the ability to give power to the government, and finally it stated that the ideas in this document limited government, individual rights, and popular sovereignty. It will give a brief introduction and understanding of the theory of western politics. Moreover, this paper intends to look at the following in details: Inclusiveness of the People, Fairness in the Society, the Presence of a Legitimate Government, Property Rights of the people, Need for Citizen Participation, Not Representation, the Presence Sovereignty and Civil Religion, promoting Indivisible Sovereignty among the people, promoting Consent of the Governed and Voluntarism. Another objective of the social contract that this essay intends to look at is the function of the social contract. A look at the theories of the social contract that been propagated for thousands of years. These theories have stemmed from the concept of justice for our society. The essay paper will look at the works of Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and Jean Jacques Rousseau after which an overall view into the function of a social contract can be derived, as well as any problems of the theory can be dealt with. Furthermore, the objective of the relationship between the theory of western politics and Social Contract is reviewed. Due to the analysis of the conflicting ideals that exist in each individual’s mind, it is possible for our conception of the good to come under attack from competing concepts that are held by others in the society. Discussion of the Sources In compiling the essay, the sources to be used in gathering information are books and journals. It will entail a critical look into the writings of Thomas Hobbes, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and John Locke who are renowned thinkers on the issue of social contract. The reason is that each thinker has drawn a different approach, as well as personal conclusion, about the nature of political government or authority. For instance, Hobbes is an advocate of absolute monarchy, Locke supports natural rights and Rousseau is a proponent of collective sovereignty (Rousseau, 2004, p. 25). References Kimmel, A., Smith, N., & Klein, J., 2011. Ethical Decision Making and Research Deception in the Behavioral Sciences: An Application of Social Contract Theory. Ethics & Behavior, 21, 3, pp. 222-251, Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost, [online] [Accessed 25 March 2012]. This source has been chosen due to its good and detailed information on the ethical decision making process and the relevant cases of the application of the contract theory, which provides necessary information for the research. Nussbaum, M.C., 2004. Beyond the Social Contract: Capabilities and Global Justice. Oxford Development Studies, 32, 1, p. 0, Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost, [online] [Accessed 25 March 2012]. This source has been selected as it has important details on social contract and the capabilities of global justice, which is a very important piece of information to the research. Rousseau, J., 2004. The Social Contract or Principles of Political Right. Kessinger Publishing. Social contract and its principals are key to this research and as a result this source has been selected to deliver the information required on social contracts and the principals of political right. Rousseau, J., 2008. The Social Contract. Cosimo, Inc. This source will create more understanding due to better clarification of the social contract.

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