Replacement of Outdated Hardware and Software Systems.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Replacement of Outdated Hardware and Software Systems. It needs to be at least 1500 words. The old computer hardware being used in the business is not reliable and has passed its intended life cycle by many years. One recent state government report highlighted that the industry norm for replacement of PC hardware is 3-4 years (, 2005). This company is still using equipment from the late 1990s, making it nearly a decade behind its industry-expected replacement period. In terms of business reputation with other business-to-business partners, this company is becoming well-known for its outdated and unreliable systems and many companies are concerned about doing business with us because of it.

Additionally, worker motivation is being reduced because they are frustrated with the ongoing system crashes and slow server activity which is part of their regular routine when using our current hardware and software systems. These frustrations are impacting the quality of their customer service efforts when working with clients and our consumer sales are falling because of our growing reputation for poor service delivery at the interpersonal level.

The largest problem with these outdated systems is the poor reputation that the business is earning on the business-to-business and consumer markets. At a time when the economy is somewhat unstable and competitors are devoting many resources into heavy advertising, the business cannot afford to have its reputation damaged simply because leadership perceives it will not provide a return on the investment. The company can face financial ruin if its reputation for having outdated technologies is allowed to expand into other territories.

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The current outdated systems do not allow for stable access to the Internet. “Various experts have identified barriers to effective Internet technology use, including outdated hardware and software systems” (, 2007, p.728). The current systems not only provide barriers to using the Internet successfully to enhance the business image and gain more visibility, but the limited access to the online environment they currently provide also is not even reliable for short-term use.

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