Quiz Three/ The Pillowman Respond to FIVE of the following questions with short answers. Where appropriate, use quotes from the play to support your answers. 1.Although Katurian is a writer, what is his day job? 2.Why do Tupolski and Ariel suspect that Katurian may be connected to the rash of child murders? 3.How is Katurian’s brother, Michal, described by the detectives? 4.In Act One, Scene Two, Katurian tells a story of a little boy and his two parents. How do the parents treat “Little Kat” in this story? 5.Why does Katurian murder his parents at the conclusion of the scene? 6.At the end of Act II, scene 2 of The Pillowman, Katurian smothers his brother with a pillow and says this: “It’s not your fault” (McDonagh 67). Soon after, he tells the detective that he wants to confess to his “part” in the murders of “six people (67).” In your opinion, why does Katurian do this? What does he have to gain, or lose, by making such a confession? 7.One of Katurian’s more disturbing stories is that of the “Little Jesus.” In which ways can this tale be seen as a metaphor for Katurian’s and Michal’s own childhood experiences? 8.Late in the play we learn about Ariel’s own story. In which ways does he—and does he not—have an understanding of or sympathy for Katurian’s plight? 9.What do you make of Tupolski’s story of the “Little Deaf Boy”? What insight does this story give us into Tupolski’s worldview? 10.Why do you think Ariel chooses to save Katurian’s stories in the play’s final moments? EC: Write a brief review of the play. What are its strengths? Its weaknesses? Which of its themes most appealed to you?

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