psychosocial, behavioral, and biological aspects of chronic diseases

I need some assistance with these assignment. psychosocial, behavioral, and biological aspects of chronic diseases Thank you in advance for the help! Psychosocial and Biological Aspects of chronic diseases. Several chronic conditions have been associated with behavioral, psychosocial and community risks. Psychosocial interventions help patients with chronic diseases to reduce their pain. Biological processes that are linked to lifestyle and stress seems to mediate the associations of these chronic conditions. There are lifestyle and psychosocial interventions that have been developed to manage chronic conditions. Studies help us to create pathways that connect lifestyle and psychosocial variables to disease processes.

Behavioral psychosocial have implicated on the in the development of chronic diseases. Cigarette smoking, lack of exercise has lead to hostility and depression among most people in the society (Fekete et al 25). Cigarette smoking is one of the major causes of lung cancer and it leads to low physical inactivity and unhealthy dietary patterns. Poor living standards alleviate the chronic diseases to the human body.

Issues of the human body and chronic conditions

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Stress has a major impact on the mood, sense of individual being, physical condition and behavior of individuals. The relationship between stress and diseases is affected by nature. Different level of stress affects individuals biological vulnerability and the learned patterns of coping. There are psychosocial interventions that have proved to be useful in the managing stress related illness.

Lifestyle and psychosocial interventions have been developed to reduce the possibility that vibrant individuals will catch chronic diseases (Fekete et al 21). Studies have shown interesting results concerning the treatment of patients who have experienced a heart attack.

Impact of biological illness

Diseases result from the interaction between the complex interaction of human beings and the environment. The external environment is believed to be responsible for many diseases that are preventable (Nezu 33). Chronic diseases have different influence on the social factors of various individuals. Psychosocial factors act primarily between the society and the individuals affected. Psychosocial may combine traditional medical definitions of various diseases. The role of psychosocial in health research has clarified the distinction between macro meso and micro level as a sociological framework. Psychosocial is regarded as a meso – level concept in the same concept as religious institutions and family. At a macro level the illness relates to ownership of business and distribution of income. The psychosocial changes can influence the health through the direct psychological process which modify behaviors and lifestyles. Loss of income leads to the lack of ability to buy material necessities important to life. Unemployment leads to the loss of low esteem and self worth that affect health through the psychological processes.

Cancer is a chronic illness which affects many individuals in the current world (Nezu 45). In the case that it personally affects me, I would feel more sick and tired. It is due to what is happening in the subconscious mind and not the cancer affecting the body. The release of stress chemicals in the body weakens the bodys defense in fighting the physical illness. The chronic illnesses affecting other people make one to understand the power of the mind. It can make an individual personally realize the physical well being of a person relates directly to the thoughts and behavior. In the case that a chronic ailment affects someone close it would make me be under tremendous stress. The feeling of would make an individual fear being judged by the society.

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