Psyc- Personality

PART I:Fill out theHuman Metrics Jung Typology Test (Links to an external site.). II:After figuring out what 4-letter personality type you are, answer the following questions:What 4-letter type are you? Do you agree with the description given? Why/Why not?Describe yourself using 10 words. Underline the one word you think describes you the best.What Freudian psychosexual stage do you think you might be fixated in? (Oral, anal, phallic, latent, genital) Why? Explain in detail.What piece of your personality do you think rules over you? Id, ego, superego? Why? Explain in detail with examples.What is your birth order? How has it affected your personality? Explain, with examples.What Erikson psychosocial stage do you think you might be struggling with? Why?Do you feel you have received unconditional love? Why/why not? What conditions do you feel your parents/friends put on you?If your friends were to write a sentence describing your personality, what would it say? What about your parents? What about your teachers?If you could change anything about your personality what would it be and why?What adult in your life would you most like to be like when you are older? Why?What careers do you think fit your personality best? Will you pursue these careers? Why/Why not?

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