Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, review Getting Your Master’s? Go to a Conference (Links to an external site.) and Writing an Abstract (Links to an external site.). Then, complete the2022-06-23 Answers

Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, review Getting Your Master’s? Go to a Conference (Links to an external site.) and Writing an Abstract (Links to an external site.). Then, complete the following:For your initial post, write an abstract (maximum 100 words) that succinctly summarizes your Week 5 Social Psychological Analysis of a Cultural Artifact final presentation. In addition to your abstract, attach your presentation (or a link to it) and your written transcript.Note: In this forum, you are graded primarily on your peer feedback, rather than your initial post (in contrast to previous weeks). More than any other discussion forum, the Class Conference requires meaningful interaction.Your responses should discriminate relevant social psychological insight and show sophisticated cultural competence.You must contribute a minimum of five or more substantive peer replies, as well as responding to those who comment on your work, which will simulate the dialogue that takes place at a real conference.You must participate on multiple days, which will contribute to an ongoing dialogue.You must provide original, insightful, relevant content, which will enhance insight on the topic at hand.You must reply via video for one of your responses. (See How To Leave a Video Comment (Links to an external site.) for instructions.) If you are not able to do this, please contact your instructor to arrange an alternative option to satisfy this requirement.Your initial post should include an abstract (100-word maximum) as well as your final presentation. The presentation will include a visual component (either the document itself or a link to it), in addition to a written transcript, formatted in APA Style (1000-word minimum).

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