our assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on massive multiplayer online game. One of the subgenres is the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)

The customers are anyone who has a gadget that can access the internet and has the capacity to run the specific given form of massively multiplayer online game with much emphasis laid on the youths (those below 35 years of age). This is because the youths in America and other developed countries live digital life ready to respond to anything that came on the market digitally (Bauxman, Diefenbach & Hess, 2013). These youths won’t buy laptops or PCs but will go for tablets or smartphones since they are cheaper and portable. Youths are more likely to own a tablet, smartphone or internet enabled device. Youths are more likely to go with a percentage of 30% to 50%. Youths are also the ones that are curious to know what is new in the market and have a tendency to follow fashion which more than often favours what is new in the market.

The fact that the internet is almost everywhere this means that more than 80% of youths can access the MMOG depending on the capability of the device. Due to the technological developments almost all of these youths are able to access the gadgets that can play such a game since there has been a fall in the prices of smartphones, tablets and other gadgets like laptops which of late come in all varieties and in varied costs thus accommodating the youths from all classes (Bauxman, Diefenbach & Hess, 2013). Most of these youths are in the bracket of not- working- class and therefore need support for the family to buy these gadgets. This makes the games common with middle and high income earning families.

The customers will come from the families that are more exposed in nature, this will allow them to have the understanding of new thing in the industry. Social youths are the most likely to adopt the technology since they interact with friends (extroverts) and therefore can get the information easily. After the adoption, the youths that are introvert kind of may end up being the most users given the fact that they spend more time indoors and therefore has the time to venture into the game.&nbsp.

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