Portfolios are important part of your learning and evaluating process. Speak to

Portfolios are important part of your learning and evaluating process. Speak to each course objective – how did you meet achieve each objective and how will this course will help you meet your goals.
The Portfolio Assignment is designed to measure specific professional knowledge and skills as outlined in the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) Master’s Essentials. Students submit the Portfolio Assignment online
Directions can be found in the Syllabus.
Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:
1. Develop a personal vision related to organizational behavior in nursing administration.
2. Synthesize key components of the leadership role.
3. Apply principles of epidemiology as a scientific discipline to a study relevant to population health.
4. Examine leadership in a health care political environment.
5. Apply evidence-based leadership strategies that lead to positive outcomes in organizational behavior.
6. Apply principles of evidence-based practice.
Health assessment
1. Demonstrate the ability to obtain and document a comprehensive health history for
individuals across the life span.
2. Perform risk assessments including lifestyle and other risk factors
3. Develop an effective and appropriate plan of care for the patient/population that is
evidenced based and takes into consideration life circumstances, cultural, ethnic, and
developmental variations.
Transforming Healthcare through technology
1. Analyze current and emerging technologies to optimize safety, cost effectiveness, and
improve healthcare outcomes.
2. Apply theoretical concepts that guide the application of informatics in healthcare and
health educations.
3. Advocate for policies that incorporate ethical principles and legal standards in the use
of health and information technologies.

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