Poplar Branch by Grace Benedict.

The work is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Similarly, concerning birthdays the poplar tree uncertainty for individuals born between August 5th and 13th. These individuals are associated with characters such as artistic, lonely, lacking confidence and organized. Finally, according to the Heraldry, the poplar tree is significant as representation of strength. Grace Benedict’s artwork is a picture of a poplar tree branch. The artwork is a single branch of the poplar tree with several leaves attached to the branch, but with some falling off the branch. In this artwork, Benedict uses gentleness and smoothness in both the colors and texture, that resonates with the wonderful spirit and significance attached to the poplar tree. Poplar branch represents beauty magnificent spirit that relates to human characters and activities. The smooth and gentleness portrayed in the artwork represent the beautiful nature and role of the poplar branch. Poplar tree has always been known to represent smoothness and gentleness because of the significant role it plays in the society. Therefore, the drawing in this case portrays how it is important for humans to embrace gentleness, which will in turn make life smooth as opposed to rough and rugged. In addition, the painting calls upon the society as a whole to recall the lost memories lost memories and dreams, and through gentleness allow them to thrive and become a reality. In this artwork, the smoothness is represented by the texture, in which looking at the photo it is all clear that both the background and the material used are all smooth in nature. Similarly, gentles is represented by the texture, as well as the colors used in this artwork for the leaves among other characters in this artwork. These represent the nature of the tree, and overall the expected nature of human beings in the society as symbolized by the poplar tree. Therefore, the lesson that we can draw from this technique used by the artist is that we as human beings should give gentles and smoothness a high value in our lives and the society as a whole. The tall and extensive nature of the poplar tree branch represented in the artwork reveals that it is fast growing, which gives it symbolic qualities related to human nature. For instance, the tree grows very fast and can grow tall with an extensive root system, and it does not require much coddling to grow fast. This means that the wonderful spirit of the tree teaches human beings how they should dream, and that projects have the ability to manifest quickly and bring great rewards in the shortest time possible. This extends to the possibilities in life that the tree branch represents, which reminds humans that they rise and grow to higher heights, and achieve these possibilities, as well as dreams (Klimt &Kallir 56). Similarly, the extensive nature of the tree that gives it strength teaches individuals how to endure life’s hardships and keep their feet strong on the ground, or on whatever they engage on in life. In addition, it teaches individuals to overcome personal doubts, fear, which may block possible endeavors. The artist uses several colors and a number of leaves in this branch to portray the variety nature of the poplar tree. For instance, some leaves are green with blue shadows while other leaves are white with black shadows.

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