Photoshop Foundation.

Need help with my writing homework on Photoshop Foundation. Write a 1500 word paper answering; With the passage of time, the performance of this technology has been developed and improved as well as there is a decline in cost, though, multimedia is at the present commonplace. Almost every PC is able to display video, although the resolution obtainable relies on the influence of the PCs video adapter as well as CPU (Laudon and Laudon). If we see the definition then we can say, the text written in a simple form such as “hello” can be considered as multimedia. Here I will discuss the areas in the industry in which multimedia can be incorporated. The multimedia has extensive usage in the creative industries, computer science, marketing, organizations (for presentations) (Laudon and Laudon). Multimedia is mostly used for the entertainment and fine arts inductor. In this industry, we have extensive usage in movies and animations. Here the production of the video games also encompasses the greater use of the Multimedia. These days most websites make use of this technology to gain the attraction of its visitors. Education is the medium that has started recently the extensive use of the multimedia technology for the better information delivery and learning. Now we have multimedia based training courses those are also known as the CBTs.1 Organizations are at the present growing the heavy use of the multimedia technology that provides help to present information to superior’s shareholders and employees.2

Bitmapped or we commonly say the raster image is majority well-known and commonly used type of images which we see and use in our daily working. Bitmapped is an image that holds the raw information or holds information regarding the color of every image’s pixel. Bitmapped graphics are normally the larger having bigger display size, the bigger the file size.&nbsp.

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