paper that discusses new tablet pc project: hp touchpad2.

Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses new tablet pc project: hp touchpad2. The main legal determinant in the current project entails the question of patents. Expert Reviews (2012) details the legal wars that have characterized the technology sector pitting the industry heavyweights against each other. Infringing on patents, which are meant to protect innovations may result in halting of the project, accompanied by delays and associated budget inflations. There is no directly conceivable influence of politics on the current project. However, several governments have sought to introduce tablets into the education system as exemplified by plans by the Thai government to provide first graders with tablet PCs (Bangkok Post, 2012). In case such occurs, the demand for tablets would go up, increasing the pressure to finish the project in time or even earlier. Social influences on the current project may arise from the view that the post-PC technological revolution has been documented as a social as much as it is a technological one. Martin (2012) reports that modern-day computing has become more casual and intimate, freeing the end user from the desk. New devices ought to identify with this view and satisfy the social trends of the consumer. Hence, it is conceivable that certain elements of the HP TouchPad2 may need to be removed or added in order to keep with trends in society. The recent economic crisis translates to a situation where investments receive more scrutiny on their potential returns on investment. In HP’s case, recent developments on the financial front may translate to economic difficulties during the HP TouchPad2 project. HP has traditionally concentrated on printer business, where the current reducing revenue flows may predict financial challenges for the project. Moreover, HP had $25 billion in long debts as of 2010, which may lead to budget constraints for the current project (Moran, 2010). However, the decline in revenue from printing gives an extra incentive for the current tablet project as the firm seeks to diversify.

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