paper that discusses michael listers citizenship and social class.

Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses michael listers citizenship and social class. Marshall based his citizenship concept on a welfare state which has continually diminished from the face of political establishments of the modern world (Gutmann, 238). Evolution of the European state to steer away from the welfare establishment shows a huge disparity of the definition of citizenship between what modern sociologists ought to give and that postulated by Marshall. Disparities could also arise from the fact that studying citizenship also entails studying the rights thereon. The three elements of citizenship identified by Marshall (civil, political and social) determine the rights of citizenship be enjoyed by the citizenry. While the rights are discrete and independent, they need to be integrated for the complete study of citizenship to be achieved. The wide scope that the involvement of all the rights has could be a reason of insufficient research on citizenship rights as a topic in political science. To further understand the causes of misunderstanding and misconnection of the citizenship concept, dissecting the work by Marshall gives a practical approach which requires a theoretical backing. Comprehending the social aspects of the political studies of a society must be accompanied by a normative link in order to form a relationship with the underlying principles. Criticism of the approach adopted in the text written by Marshall explains the areas that future studies on citizenship should take (Halsey, 13).&nbsp.Inasmuch as the author finds issues with the heavy reliance that Marshall’s work attracts from sociologists, it can not be singled out as a weakness. Instead, this may act as a major strength in the work done by Marshall, since all the reliance assists other scholars in unraveling other issues in citizenship that Marshall pioneered.

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