paper that discusses integration of technology in physical education.

Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses integration of technology in physical education. Due to these benefits, physical exercise has prompted human beings to incorporate new technology in order to improve the whole exercising process.

Technology is an essential part of the society because it assists in simplifying work. Each day, new inventions and innovations are created in order to simplify our day-to-day activities. In the case of a physical education class, technology is an integral part hence new and developed equipment have to be brought for proper learning. Such equipment includes video recorders, pedometers, video projectors etc that can be used together with the computers (George, 1974). This makes technology a double-edged sword because computers have the capacity to provide inactive leisure, for example through computer games.

Technology has ensured that the goals of the physical education class are reached. It creates an environment where the students are able to understand and learn quickly. For example, by use of video cameras, the students are able to record how the play in the field. They can, therefore, be able to compare it with great personalities hence improving their skills. Moreover, viewing how they play helps them to know their mistakes hence improving their skills. Therefore, technology has helped to enhance efficiency in physical education.

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Technology has ensured access to advanced knowledge to students. The students can be able to access this important information from the internet or through video projectors. With the help of advanced technology, animated expert analysis documentaries have been developed (Benet, 1983). The teacher can project this videos to the class hence the students are able to get a full insight into the nature of the exercises.

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