Need an research paper on vitiligo: genetic aspects. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. The incidence rate all over the world is 1-2 percent and 30 percent of cases occur as familial clusters. In the US, the incidence rate is 1 percent. Though not significant statistically, slight female preponderance has been noticed. The clinical presentation can occur at any age, the most common presentation time being between 10 and 30 years (Groysman and Sami, 2009). The “average age of onset for vitiligo is approximately 20 years” (Groysman and Sami, 2009) and it is the same for both sexes.

The pathogenesis of the disease is a complex one with multiple factors being involved in the etiology. In fact, the main pathogenesis is yet unknown and hence only theories exist to explain the pathogenesis of the disease. The main pathogenic feature is “absence of functional melanocytes in vitiligo skin and a loss of histochemically recognized melanocytes, owing to their destruction” (Groysman and Sami, 2009)). The process of destruction is a slow one and thus decrease in melanocytes is a progressive course (Groysman and Sami, 2009). Some theorists believe that the destruction of melanocytes in vitiligo occurs due to autoimmunity. According to this autoimmune theory, changes in either cellular immunity or humoral immunity or both can result in the destruction of melanocytes. The fact that vitiligo occurs in coincidence with several other autoimmune disorders like Graves disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Addison disease, pernicious anemia, autoimmune polyglandular disease, and diabetes mellitus proves the autoimmune etiology of this disease (Groysman and Sami, 2009). Another evidence for autoimmune basis of the disease is the presence of circulating antibodies against melanocytes in the blood of vitiligo patients.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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