paper on the topic National Infrastructure Protection Plan.

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic National Infrastructure Protection Plan. The body is also responsible for ensuring rapid emergency response and preparedness in case of any disaster. The National Infrastructure Protection Plan has 18 critical infrastructure sectors that are responsible for the wellbeing of the lives of Americans.

The sectors include food and agriculture. This sector ensures that food security in addition to proper agricultural activities is conducted within the country. the sector also ensures that it follows the protocol s of the United Nations in supporting countries that are suffering from food insecurity. This is a sector of public interest and therefore the government ensures that it does everything possible to prevent exploitation from private and foreign investors.

Commercial facilities are also another critical sector that is under the National Infrastructure Protection Plan. The government controls the building and development of commercial facilities, especially within the major cities. This ensures that the facilities are built under good quality to avoid sub standardization. The department also restricts exploitation by foreign investors and ensures equitable allocation of land while developing commercial facilities. The government also ensures taxes are paid accordingly.

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Dams in the US are also other critical sectors that fall under the plan. Dams are used for generation of electricity and rapid irrigation within the country. the government must control such facilities due to the public interest with the aim of avoiding exploitation by foreign investors and private developers.

Energy is also another sector under The National Infrastructure Protection Plan.&nbsp.

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