paper on the topic Major Goals to be Achieved to Satisfy Taxpayer.

Hi, need to submit a 750 words paper on the topic Major Goals to be Achieved to Satisfy Taxpayer. As the report declares the key to improving educational performance lies in a two pronged approach improving quality parameters through the use of the Quality Improvement Model as laid out by WTCS, which has created the new data system in 2004 for the quality review process and providing wider access to more students by a phased approach to learning through part time, flexible programs. More emphasis needs to be given to the online, correspondence and net meeting programs to enhance educational opportunities for those who have potential but not the opportunity due to their job commitments.

This essay stresses that bearing these two objectives in mind, my plan will focus on performing more frequent self assessment as provided for by AQIP at lower costs. This will help to assess how exactly the college stands as compared to taxpayer expectations. The new WTCS associate degree reconfiguration program will be emphasized with less emphasis on international applicants and more attention diverted towards reaching the community of taxpayers in Wisconsin with the opportunity to return to college, while simultaneously strengthening the K-12 post secondary agreements to provide links to more students to avail of the facilities at the college. This could be integrated with a teacher recruitment effort by pulling in our past students as teachers, to consolidate teacher teams and put back resources into the community.

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