paper on the topic How Global Warming Affects Wildlife.

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic How Global Warming Affects Wildlife. According to Casper (26), phenology involves animal migration, breeding, and spring appearance, and it directly links to season changes. Spatial distribution of animals, especially in elevation shifts and poleward shifts, occur with disappearing of suitable habitat extends beyond its regular range. There is also the undergoing environmental and physical change affecting their inhabitants. The melting ice and temperature changes affect the water level and higher Ph. affecting the marine. This paper discusses these climate changes causing global warming and the effects of these changes on the wildlife.

The Greenhouse effect on global warming involves the amount of solar radiation trapped in the earth’s atmosphere. The global warming effect caused by humankind through the burning of fossil fuels took research over twenty years to discover. It plays a big role in the change in temperatures. Once the fossil fuels burn, then carbon die-oxide and other gases emit into the atmosphere. Heat rays produced once the sunlight hits the earth bounce back to the atmosphere as radiation. This refracted heat is supposed to be absorbed back into space. However, due to the layers of the greenhouse gases (carbon die oxide and nitrogen), produced from the burnt fossil fuels and coal, the heat is mirrored back to the atmosphere (Arvine 6).

The climatic changes have led to disruptions and different animals react differently. A report by IPCC (2007) shows that the climatic change affects predator/prey interactions, biotic interactions, and ecosystem functioning. In addition, natural disturbances, invasive species, and loss of habitats are among the stressors of the animal population that may continue increasing with climatic changes.

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