paper on the topic Cultural Specific in Indian Movies.

Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Cultural Specific in Indian Movies. The greater focus on the specific culture and value system therefore restricted Indian movies only to the audience which was more familiar with that culture. The international orientation of the Indian movies also followed the same audience that migrated to Western countries as Diaspora. However, all is set to change for the Bollywood because of the new changes and fresh approaches that are being introduced in the industry. Formally recognized as an industry during 2001, the Indian film industry is also now making its efforts to capture the international market by targeting their movies to the non-Indian audience too. &nbsp.India is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country with a diversified population with different cultural and religious identities. Films in India are mostly made in three languages i.e Tamil, Telugu and Hindi with highest Cinema attendance in the world. The specific cultural reflections in Indian movies include showing scenes of religious prayers, portraying different rituals and occasions such as marriages etc. Apart from that portraying of different songs and dances also reflect upon the relative cultural aspects of the Indian Society itself. For example, Indian films often show dancing which is probably a true reflection of the culture because in most parts of India, dancing on different occasions such as marriages, the birth of new child etc is a normal phenomenon. Due to its social and cultural diversification, Indian movies always portrayed a strong cultural aspect by making movies which reflected upon certain typical culture. Right from the beginning of the industry, Indian films portrayed mythological tales which were so common in the Indian culture. Secondly, it is believed that India has consciously followed the strategy of protectionism wherein it disallowed foreign productions to take place within India thus the films that were produced within the country focused mostly on the national sentiments and feelings and attempted to exploit the emotional association of audience towards their country as well as culture.

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