paper on the topic Business Plan of Profits4U Marketing and Sales Company.

Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Business Plan of Profits4U Marketing and Sales Company. Profits4U Marketing & Sales Company is a British corporation based in Dublin, Ireland. It is owned by Mrs. Clara Bauer and other principal investors. The premises will be established in an exclusive office space in Dublin. The reason for having chosen Ireland is that in Ireland many hardware and software manufacturers are located and Ireland is considered somehow the European “Silicon Valley”.

Profits4U’s primary targets are large hardware and software corporations such as HP, IBM & Microsoft. The next target will be the medium-sized companies in multimedia and software, areas that have great development potential. Profits4U’s goal is to be positioned as a trustful sales & marketing company.

Profits4U’s competition is mostly the sale and marketing in – house departments. An indirect competitor could be some management consulting firms such as Arthur Andersen etc. but as mentioned these companies are indirect competitors since they are generalists and they do not implement niche marketing. In addition, due to their sheer size, in many cases, their projects are executed by junior consultants and not by their senior personnel.

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Profits4U in terms of price will be positioned as a brand name company meaning that its prices will be quite high. The high prices can be justified due to Profits4U expertise in sales & marketing and more specifically in sales & marketing of software and hardware product.

Mrs. Clara Bauer and the rest of the management team are former executives of high tech companies specialized in sales and marketing. The management consists of 3 partners aiming to reach 5 partners.

According to the company’s estimations, the profits will reach $65,000 by third-year 3 with a net profit margin of 6%. Profits4U plans to ask for a bank loan of $130,000 t and ask for an additional one of $50,000 in order to invest it in long-term assets by 2010. There is no anticipation of cash flow problems.

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