paper on the role of nursing certification for improvement of patient health, bettering nursing profession and fraternity.

Need an research paper on the role of nursing certification for improvement of patient health, bettering nursing profession and fraternity. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. Certification of the nurses gives the general public assurance that the certificate is qualified and has attained the level of knowledge and skills required to practice nursing and recertification ensures that competence is maintained throughout the career. Healthcare organization that comprises of certified nurses reported to have highly trained professionals, a nursing team that is progressive in the provision of care and change in the perception of patient care. Most employers are seeking to employ specialty certified nurses because it is a sign of appreciation and dedication to their work and allows utilization of the current model of care.

Obtaining certification is one of the ways that can be used in the expansion of knowledge by the nurses, evident growth in their career and advance as professionals. Certification also helps raise the standards of practice in nursing in the course of the profession and in the long run to provide quality services and improvement of patient safety. Another reason to certify the nurses is that shows that they are competent and have acquired the skills and knowledge to provide high-quality care to the community. Within the healthcare delivery, certification is an indication that the nursing profession cares about the safety of patients, and the quality of services delivered. Certified nurses are professionally credible and recognized, are an indicator of quality, acts as a component of ensuring a working environment that is positive and gives an individual feeling of personal accomplishment. Certification is one of the ways a nurse can show their capacity for responsibility and continued advancement.

My particular work setting on certification is Family Nurse Practitioners. Family Nurse Practitioners are trained to handle both children and adults and is based on the family context with long term goal of ensuring wellbeing, maintaining health with the aim of providing care. As a Family Nurse Practitioner, it is really motivating to my career especially if you offer education to the family members and they put it into action what was taught. As an FNP you get to have a long history of working with the patients in providing their career by ensuring that they understand their disease process and measures to be taken to improve their health outcomes. For nurses to become certified, most of the healthcare facilities are doing efforts to eliminate barriers and encourage the nurses to become certified Boyle, D. K. Hospitals are also willing to pay extra money for the nurses that become certified especially when it comes to the Magnet-designated hospitals which serve as a competitive strategy. Nurses receive certification bonuses and promotions to higher positions after they are certified.

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Some of the work site educational programs that lead to certification are the provision of tuition sponsorship, counseling and other services that support academic services to the people that are eligible. Worksite mentorship can be done through the pairing of two nurses in a mentor-mentee relationship which both nurses have a mutual benefit which can be imported in boosting the careers of the nurses involved. This kind of relationship helps the nurses develop problem-solving skills, communication skills, and critical skills which are very crucial when it comes to making decisions concerning patient care. Mentorship is one of the ways can be used to avoid unnecessary errors and frustrations, especially for new managers because a promotion calls for more opportunities and responsibilities. Therefore, Having a mentor makes the transitioning easier for the protégé because they are able to develop new skills and cultivation of the organization’s culture for easier adoption. The mentorship program helps in molding the manager’s confidence, a feeling of motivation, and the development of leadership skills and provision of a good working environment.

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