paper on perception of china as a tourist country: western tourists’ point of view.

Need an research paper on perception of china as a tourist country: western tourists’ point of view. Needs to be 80 pages. Please no plagiarism. The research identified that Western tourists considered China as an economical place for tourism and the main problems encountered were lack of professionalism by the hotels’ employees, unavailability of Western food and insufficient facilities for Western tourists. Hence, it is recommended that the tourism authorities of China start revamping the image of China by doing marketing activities that will attract the tourists to the country and bring about desired changes in their tourism and hospitality industries. Letter of Acknowledgment I am pleased to submit my dissertation on “Perception of China as a tourist country: Western tourists’ point of view”. During the phase of data collection, its analysis, writing and designing the report, I have gained very useful knowledge and experience of writing an analysis. In addition, it helped me to join all my skills and abilities to produce the best report. I would like to offer my appreciation to respondents who took out time for filling the questionnaires and providing me valuable information. Furthermore, I would like to thanks to University of Bedfordshire for providing me the opportunity to work on such a report where I utilized my skills and learnt all the necessary theory related to my topic. And most of all I would like to thank University of Bedfordshire for providing me the access to digital library which gave me reliable and meaningful data. In the end, I would like to express my gratitude to my advisor, MR/MS., without his help and guidance, it was not possible to accomplish and complete the report. He provided me with the necessary teachings that really facilitated me during the writing of this report. Table of Contents Abstract 2 Letter of Acknowledgment 3 List of Tables 4 List of Figures 5 Chapter 1: Introduction 6 Chapter 2: Literature Review 18 Chapter 3: Research Methodology 41 Chapter 4: Results/Findings 49 Chapter 5: Discussion 64 Chapter 6: Conclusion and Recommendations 76 References 82 Appendix I – Questionnaire for the research 90 List of Tables Table I: Factors considered for destination selection 27 List of Figures Figure I: Inbound Tourists Arrivals 8 Figure II: 2009 and 2010 rankings for the top four positions by the international tourists 9 Figure III: Model of Tourists’ experience creation 23 Figure IV: Factors influencing the satisfaction level of tourists 26 Figure V: Gunn’s (1972) stage theory model 28 Figure VI: Impact of social media on tourism industry 33 Figure VII: Gender Percentages 54 Figure VIII: Visits to China 54 Figure IX: Experience of visit in China 55 Figure X: Factors considered when selecting tourism place 56 Figure XI: Information seeking methods used 59 Figure XII: Marketing mediums used for information gathering process 60 Figure XIII: Western tourists’ perception about China 62 Chapter 1: Introduction 1.1 Background of Study The tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries across the world and it is one of the highly contributing industries in the country’s economic growth. With the advent of time, the tourism industry has diversified into three major market segments i.e. business market, leisure market and recreational market (Zheng, 2010).

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