paper on occupational therapy: influencing an individual with love and care.

Write a 6 pages paper on occupational therapy: influencing an individual with love and care. In some instances, the power that lies with an occupational therapist is even greater than that present in the hands of a doctor since the medical treatments are only directed towards the healing of the physical aspects, rather than influencing an individual with love and care. My desire is not to remain as a mere service provider to my client, rather earn the place of a friend in his life by providing genuine love and care. This belief in love and desire to become a friend to the client developed upon locating the following research finding. As a result of a study, individuals dispense dopamine in a specific part of the brain upon looking at the picture of their loved one or a dear friend. Dopamine is considered to be related to the emotions of being motivated and achieving greater rewards in life etc. Therefore, love and care can influence positive changes in the life of an individual and possibly make life better for him.

The mundane corporate life never attracted me. Even as a teenager, I had realized that my career choice would give me the power to make a difference in another human’s life. Medicine is also a noble profession. however, it gets limited by the extent of available diagnosis and absence of the power of nurture by a human heart. Occupational therapy can transform itself to varied forms depending on the special nee, ds of the client, whether an aid to an elderly or a person with a disability, a motivator to a depression struck an individual or a teacher to an autistic child etc. Every individual behaves differently in scenarios and needs to be managed accordingly.&nbsp.

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