paper on national drug control strategy

Need an research paper on national drug control strategy. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. The president outlined different strategies to be followed to combat drug use. He strategizes that drug prevention must begin with education at the community level. Community-based groups will be used to address local drug issues and implementation of strategies to combat the vice. Workplace education is also important to educate employees on the dangers and benefits of healthy living among themselves and their families (Bewley, 2012).

There are also youth programs and campaigns to be undertaken to prevent drug abuse among them. There is also the use of media and social media platforms for anti-drugs use. The method is cost-effective and far-reaching. It has been proven statistically that teenagers spend a lot of their time on social networks, and hence, the best medium to pass anti-drugs awareness. There is also the mentoring program for the vulnerable youths by mentors who have a significant influence on their lives. There is also the effort of educating parents in order to effectively educate their kids about the dangers of substance abuse (Bewley, 2012).

Prevention of university and college students alcohol and drugs abuse. The government through NCSSLE provides training, technical assistance and substance abuse resources to students of higher learning in order to minimize drug abuse. The ONDCP has formed partnerships with Federal members to discuss the gaps that exist in the drug abuse research program. The gaps include the emerging drugs being abused by the higher learning students. NIDA focuses on the prevention of drugs use and the problematic behaviors that arises in a child’s development as a result of drug abuse. Publication of current drugs abuse reports assisting the national government in policy-making strategies (Bewley, 2012).

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