paper on kicking activity.

Need an research paper on kicking activity. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. Kicking cannot be categorized as one form of exercise as there are various forms and styles of kicking employed for hitting someone in various martial arts (Winter, 1990). There are sidekicks, front kicks, round kicks, back or reverse kicks, and flying kicks and so on (Putnam, 1983). At the age of the child that is opted for the experiments that are nine years, kicking was used as an exercise that was accommodating in the development of the child.

There were several individual constraints, which created a problem in learning. For a nine years old child, the individual constraints were related to strength, balance, and coordination. These factors need to be looked at carefully in order to help out the child to learn prospectively. While kicking, the child lacked direction while using strength due to which, he needed the instructor to guide him correctly to use his strength rightly and in the correct direction. The child was also unable to maintain his balance while kicking. He usually lost balance and fell a number of times while attempting the kicks that required some height. Coordination and balance are linked together as the child lost balance because he was unable to create coordination between his kicking leg, the other leg and remaining body.

Like individual constraints, environmental constraints also affected learning, which was surface, light, and weather. The surface, which was adopted for teaching and learning kicking exercise influenced learning as a whole. An uneven and irregular surface was not ideal for learning kicking exercise. A flat and smooth surface was ideal for such an exercise (Putnam, 1983). There must be adequate light in the room or the environment, which was selected for the kicking exercise. Weather also placed an impact on kicking exercise as a rainy and extensively cold weather was not suitable for any kind of exercises.&nbsp. &nbsp.

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