paper on impressionist artists.

Need an research paper on impressionist artists. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism. The essay “Impressionist Artists” discovers the artists of impressionism. Their works display the use of short brush strokes and unmixed colors which are commonly observed in impressionist artworks. Compared to the romantic art, the impressionists, as the word implies, used general impressions of their subjects to show their expression of the art as opposed to the traditional, photographic means of painting. One of the works of Camille Pissarro is his painting entitled Church and Farm at Eragny, completed in 1890. This pictures a farm with cattle grazing among the grasses near the trees. There is a couple walking towards the church located behind the trees and bushes, partially shown, with the steeple as the dominant figure that makes it recognizable as a church. Near the church, behind the trees, are houses which suggest the homes of the farm owners. Behind the houses is portrayed a cloudy sky which generally give other colors used in contrast to the dark and gloomy colors used in the painting. Pissarro used thin, short strokes to give a general impression of the picture of his artwork’s title, the farm and church at Eragny. This consequently gives vague images. The lines are not well defined as to give more details to the images captured in the painting rather just gives an idea of what they really are. For instance, the carabaos and horses do not show details of their horns or other parts so that they may difficult to determine what kind of cattle they are. The short brush strokes used to give the impressions.

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