paper on hiv affecting the south bronx

Need an research paper on hiv affecting the south bronx. Needs to be 9 pages. Please no plagiarism. 893-894). The South Bronx population is rising at the moment (South Bronx Resurrection, 2004). Efforts have been made to improve the region since the days of arson, and the South Bronx is said to be actually recovering now. However, this region lies in the poorest congressional district of the nation (Tax Foundation, 2007) and majority of the Bronx’s housing projects are present there. 50% of the population is below the poverty line. Drug trafficking, gang activity, and prostitution are among the usual crimes carried out within the South Bronx. The rate of crime is very high and the regions where the crimes are common are, in fact, NYPD impact zones. Service Facilities It was made sure that the completion of the Yankee Stadium coincided with the beginning of the 2009 baseball season. It is not yet known, however, when the athletic fields and green spaces would be completed. The stadium has been facing opposition the reasons being pollution and traffic (New Yankee Stadium, 2009). Building of the new Yankee Stadium led to major controversy over plans. These plans included new athletic fields, tennis courts, bicycle and walking paths, stores and restaurants. There was also a metro-north railroad station that was expected to help in the easing of rush on the subway (Hughes, 2007). Authorities were hopeful that such advancements would allow for the generation of residential building. The late 1980s witnessed certain regions of the South Bronx being renewed. Rehabilitation was done and residential structures were constructed. these included subsidized multifamily town homes as well as apartment buildings (Wynn, 2005). Construction of prefabricated ranch style houses was completed in that region by 1985, and this brought about such a major change to the region that it was difficult for the Bronx historian to recognize the place where carter surveyed the scene (Fernandez, 2007). Few of the community school districts are located in the South Bronx (New York City Department of Education). The public schools of that region include three charter schools. A new elementary charter school, Academic Leadership Charter School was initiated in 2009. Profit as well as nonprofit organizations are set up in the South Bronx and they train people for their professional purposes. Besides this educational programs are also offered. One such example of a nonprofit organization is per scholas and it gives free training in its respective field allowing the citizens to secure jobs assisting them in constructing their careers. Per scholas works together with some middle schools of the region, their students and their families providing help and assistance in the field of computer. Citizens of the South Bronx travel in vehicles or through mass transit. According to certain development plans there will be built a South Bronx Greenway (South Bronx Greenway) for connecting south to Randalls Island and north along the Bronx River. A large majority of the citizens of the 16th congressional district, 77.3% to be exact, did not have their own vehicles, and around the whole city it was 55% (Fact Sheet, Rep. Jose E. Serrano, 2000).

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