paper on explore the character of lady macbeth.

Need an research paper on explore the character of lady macbeth. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism. Lady Macbeth belongs and functions within the nobility besides being a respected wife of Macbeth that her father-in-law, King Duncan treats her as their “honored hostess”. While she exhibits the positive trait of remaining faithful and loving toward her husband, Lady Macbeth is severely determined for Macbeth to acquire the thrown as the next king. Her wild ambition sets the conflict for Macbeth to ponder on seizing immediate kingship as she presses him to plot a murderous act against King Duncan. She appears completely aware that the good-natured Macbeth himself is far from capable of scheming as such, hence, she finds it appropriate to take control of the situation that leads to the accomplishment of her design through him and by repressing her own conscience, Macbeth grows with confidence under mutual preference to carry out the wicked plan. Shakespeare occurs to allude the strong connection between ‘masculinity’ and violence as well as the height of ambition for which the level of employed aggression is proportional yet rather than making reference via a male character, the notion is channelled through Lady Macbeth’s femininity which according to her husband is rather made of a masculine spirit. At a crucial stage, the lady is found wishing for an opposite gender so she would not hesitate having to commit the murder, had the king not “resembled [her] father as he slept” also, and this quite implies how gender issue plays a significant function in determining where huge potentials and power lie. Eventually, this portion of the theme that describes the association of power to gender becomes the key point by which to develop the meaning in Lady Macbeth’s portrayal of her essential part in the story. Macbeth’s idea with “undaunted mettle should compose / Nothing but males”, through his primary incapacity to render aggressive behavior, is shifted between the witches and Lady Macbeth who possesses a higher degree of conviction about all means in pursuit of one’s ends. In order to be relentless and not be held back by any sense of guilt, Macbeth’s wife invokes upon evil spirits so as to “stop up th’ access and passage to remorse” prior to the full implementation of the scheme. As she goes about her manipulative attitude, Macbeth initially complies yet is later consumed with indecisions, contemplating on rational grounds for relief or what would drive him to kill his father, King Duncan. Lady Macbeth, however, believes highly that it is an unconscious desire of Macbeth to obtain the status of becoming a ruler overall, convincing him that once he gets to be king, it would earn them both security and prosperity in the kingdom. Thus, Lady Macbeth attacks the uncertainty of her better half by manipulating him with questions concerning the validity of his manhood and his affectionate regard for her. The lady’s effective manipulation works even in castigating up to the slightest objection of Macbeth so that with the manner of repeated questioning, he finally realizes the will to follow the dictates of his wife and so attain success in killing Duncan as a proof of his unfailing love and unquestionable manhood.

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