paper on architecture of suleyman the magnificent and the ottoman golden age.

Need an research paper on architecture of suleyman the magnificent and the ottoman golden age. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. The writers have done a wonderful job by first telling us about the life history and experiences of the main subject. that is Sinan, which makes it easier for the reader to have a good understanding of the man or individual that they are reading about. We are told about the achievements of Sinan, and some of his greatest works that gave him such recognition across Europe. This makes the writer to easily link the achievements of Sinan to what is described in the text for better comprehension.

The writers describe Sinan as the greatest and most renowned of the Ottoman Golden Age architects of the 16th century, a time when the Ottoman Empire reached or came to the pinnacle of it’s of its magnificence and power. Just at the same time when Michelangelo was making the St. Peter’s, we find that Sinan completed the designing of the Selimiye and the Suleymaniye, as well as the greatest of the mosques of Turkey. The apogee of the art of Turkey is marked by his style. According to the text, the writers describe Sian as ‘the son of Christians,’ who, as a boy, was drafted into the Janissaries’ Imperial Corps, and participated in the majority of the campaigns of the Ottoman in the parts of Eastern Europe during the periods of the 1520s and the 1530s.

Sinan started as a military designer and engineer of the fortifications and got the appointment as the Chief Imperial Architect during the year 1538. In the text, we are told by the writers that under Suleyman the magnificent together with his successor known as Selim Two, he actually designed a number of buildings, which included palaces, places of treatment or hospitals, mosques, tombs, baths, caravanserai, aqueducts, mausolea and even schools.

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