paper on african methodist episcopal church: richard allen’s emigrationist methods

Write a 6 pages paper on african methodist episcopal church: richard allen’s emigrationist methods. In the book “A Concise History-Combined volume 4th edition” Darlen Clark-William explains about African-Americans tribulations and the rich culture they have fostered all through their history and their search for freedom through which they sought to go up against racism and intimidation. The writers have also acknowledged the diversity that exists in the black American sphere thus providing a class coverage and sex category and also balancing existence of common men and women with accounts of African-American. Allen was born on 14th February 1760 as a slave and while he was working in his employer’s farm, he developed a strong interest for religion and that’s when he was converted and became a member of Methodist society. His master supported him in his religious endeavors and later joined him and he permitted Allen and his brother to struggle for their freedom. Richard educated himself and as a liberated black, he traveled to many places ministering to both blacks and whites. Allen preached successfully and was one of the two blacks who went to Methodist Episcopal Church organizing convention at Baltimore in the year 1784. Allen headship had solidified the developing denomination, giving it a nationwide status. AME church went on growing and became a constituent of the anti-slavery movement. Richard Allen died on 26th March 1831 as a fighter for justice. In the book, “Freedoms Prophet-Bishop Richard Allen, the AME Church, and the Black Founding Fathers” the author Richard S. Newman, a history professor gives a long study of Richard Allen. the founder of AME church. African-American histories concerning religion and metropolitan community life taking place in the early Republic has been of great interest to many authors.

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