I need help creating a thesis and an outline on The Evolution of Management through History. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Humans are always curious about new thoughts and that virtue has given them the opportunity to fine-tune the management process with the historical development of the human civilization. Management and philosophy, these two are definitely run in opposite direction but the art of philosophy had given enormous space to mankind to create new and better way to manage any problem or it has shown a path for the betterment of the management processes. It is very difficult to trace the history of the journey of the management and its changes accordingly, but still, some evolution of the management through can be traced by the history.

One of the most prominent and famous books of the management and economics is the book named as The Wealth of Nation, this book was written by a famous Scottish philosopher Mr. Adam Smith, he was also the famous economist even. In this book, it is written that to manage an organization in a proper way the three main factors to be focused on are production, pricing, and labor or the quality manpower.

There are some factors are very important to understand the fundamentals of the management and they are, managers and management, the management environment, the art of decision making, the planning process, the structure of the organization and obviously the culture, the manpower management that is the human resource and the most important factor is the managing and accepting the changes and creating innovations. That’s the way the management process has been evolved from the primary stage to the modern stage. Economics and management are always run with together because as they are very much supportive of each other.

This is very important to know that how people got motivated to upgrade the management process. The main reason why mankind has always supported the evolution of the management theories are the positive rewards which they have got from these advancements.

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