outhern Women: Black and White in the Old South by Sally G. McMillen.

Write 6 pages with APA style on Southern Women: Black and White in the Old South by Sally G. McMillen. The range of historical issues presented in the book about Southern Women has actually made this book one of the most important sources for understanding American History. This book has also made Southern Women and their historical role as one of the central themes of American history. The book itself is one of the best efforts to highlight one of the key historical facts about American society. The book also highlights the overall weaknesses of the research in this area and how further research can actually be directed towards those areas to further address the historical fallacies about Southern women. Above all, the book has been able to highlight the hardships, suffering and overall contribution of the black Southern women.

One of the starting points of the book is the extensive coverage of some of the myths about the Black Southern Women and how these myths have actually contributed towards obscuring the real knowledge about the Southern Women. The book actually attempted to highlight the importance of the overall contribution made by Southern Women during an era which was troubling. The Southern Women showed the feminist strengths to sacrifice for family, work and other contributions for the region.

The first chapter of the book actually discusses the families in the Southern region with a critical look at the family structure, stability, courtships, and other related issues. A family has been described as one of the key sources of strengths for both black and white women. It was also the critical family values and strong family structure that held women together with the other family members and developed a cohesive society where women played an active part in various social activities. The author has actually attempted to link the family issues their impact on the emotional as well as physical health of the women. Author has also highlighted how, due to the balancing of sex ratio, slaves were actually able to form families and resultantly contributed towards the overall development of a&nbsp.vibrant and diverse society in the South.

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