A supplemental readings text has been chosen for this course entitled, Readings in social psychology: General, classical, and contemporary readings. You must have read all three readings within any one of the “Chapters”.

The paper will include: title page, introduction, summary of each article (including any comparisons between articles), a discussion, and a reference page. The paper must be written in APA format. Do not provide only a summary of each article, but instead make connections between the findings of the articles. For example, consider how the findings in Article 1 compare to the findings in Article 2. The paper should include a concluding paragraph that describes the key findings and any future directions for this area of research. The paper should be 4-5 pages in length plus the title page and reference page.

Article 10 Changing behavior by degrees, by Michael Price

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Article 11 Cognitive consequences of forced compliance, by Leon Festinger and James M. Carlsmith


Article 12 The origins of cognitive dissonance: Evidence from children and monkeys, by Louisa C. Egan, Laurie R. Santos, and Paul Bloom


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