Need an research paper on nonverbal communication in human interaction. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism. According to Goss (1991), a skillful communicator needs speaking and listening skills. I wanted to evaluate if I have these speaking and listening skills. It was found that based on the responses from the questions I gave them the majority of my respondents elaborated a positive thought about my actual manner in a conversation. I got this idea by understanding a remarkable theory. A personal conversation requires both listening and speaking activities (Spratt, 1994). After all, in a personal conversation, a two-way communication process must exist (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2008). After evaluating the responses, I found that the two-way communication process eventually existed, because the respondents believe that I have given them the chance to speak and to express their thoughts. This can be manifested through a reassuring gesture of nod, as they have noticed, which eventually might tell them “Go ahead, please continue. I’m ready to listen”.

In addition to this, the respondents also revealed that I always find time to listen to them, and they notice that I continuously ask questions or clarify some points if ever there is an area or issue that requires clarifications. This attitude according to the respondents is an essential idea about the kind of listening skills that a person must possess. Based on this response, I found that I have good listening and speaking skills, and therefore this can be taken as a positive point on my part, especially when it comes to my skills in communication. When it comes to my skills in communication, I totally agree with what the respondents told me. Most of them informed me that I am eager to listen to them as I encourage them to talk and even allow them to express themselves especially when I have to clarify points or issues. In other words, I have this basic idea about the ultimate foundation ineffective communication, and it is essential to ensure a good atmosphere between the sender of the message and its receiver. Vital to this communication process is the listening and speaking abilities of the subjects involved in the actual conversation. Based on this point, if one will based it on the idea of Goss, I could therefore label myself as one whom at some level is a skillful communicator based on the responses of my respondents.

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