n Impact Evaluation of Life Saving Efforts under the Border Safety Initiative.

The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The data used to conduct the analysis was mostly numerical in nature and was gathered from a number of sources. For the analysis of the BSI impact, the data was gathered from the state and national vital registration systems along with statistics used from the BSI Incident Tracking System. The main reason for the use of vital registration system data was because it gives a baseline for the comparison of trends in numbers of migrant deaths for an elongated duration.

The sampling procedure was based on gathering data focusing on the gender of the deceased migrants or those who were rescued. It also looked at their age as well as the number of accompanying migrants. The source from which data focusing on these variables was collected was from the BSI Incident Tracking System.

The dependent variable of the study was the frequency of individual migrant deaths. The total duration of the inquiry of this variable was from 1984 to 2003. For the analysis of this variable data was gathered from two different collection processes – the BSI Incident Tracking System and the vital registration systems.

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The aggregate assessment of this study showed that there were two general peaks for the death of migrants, one in 1988 and the other one in 2003. Before the BSI in 1998 was implemented the death of migrants was declining. The death rate reduced in 1999 but increased in 2003. Showing that due to the implementation of the BSI there was no reduction in the death of migrants.

The first limitation of the study affects the validity of its findings. This was due to the absence of an extended systematically recorded series of the death rate of migrants imposes a limit on the data gathered and makes it difficult to completely understand the impact of the BSI. Making it heavily reliant on two separate sources of data and limiting the reliability of dismissing the effectiveness of the BSI.&nbsp.

This is because the absence of the decline in the overall analysis might be a result of poor data recording than the failure of the program itself.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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