My intro psych text, Another Introduction to Psychology by Brandon
Vilolis in the social psychology chapter on page 132 says “birds of a feather flock
together.” As a psychologist, I am
interested in finding out if this is true. I don’t think it is because when I
go to the park there are all different kinds of ducks and geese in the lake and
there are lots of different birds that come to my mom’s feeder. According to John Smith, A. V. Smiley and
Abigail Birdsong, there are over a thousand speicies of birds in the US. The hypothesis for this study is that birds
with different feathers flock together.


Birds were observed in 2 locations,
outside a kitchen window at a feeder with a variety of bird foods available,
and in a park with large open areas and a small lake. An area approximately 10 feet square was
marked on the ground with rope. Any bird
landing in the area during a 10 minute observation period was recorded on a
data sheet with columns with space for different varieties of birds.

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There were 17 birds observed in the
markd area by the feeder (See table 1).
There were five different varieties of bird observed in the park (see
table 1)

Table 1

Birds observed

Number of
birds Different

Park 22 5

Kitchen 17 7


This study proves that birds of a
feathr do not flock together because there were different varieties of birds
found at both locations. I was glad to
find that I was right. A study I found
in the library by John Smith, A. V. Smiley and Abigail Birdsong said that there
are over a thousand varieties of birds in North America. However, I didn’t find that many birds,
Smith, Smiley and Birdsong say that some birds are hard to spot. But I am sure that I saw some of the thousend birds that it is
possible to see.

Summary: This study succeeded in proving that birds of a feather do not flock
together because different birds were counted in bothe the park and outside the
kitchen window.


John Smith, A. V. Smiley, and
Abagail Bridsong Birds of north america:
count them if you can. The american bird
monthly, volume 19 number 11, pages 101, 102, and 103. November, 1992.

Introduction to Psychology by Brandon Vilolis, 1990 Psychology Text Publishers,
New Jersey

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